Laughter At Work

Laughter at work

Laughter is great for business. More and more research is showing why laughter needs to be taken seriously. Happy staff are more productive, more efficient and take fewer days off on sick-leave.


Laughter can transform well-being, energy and performance at work. We can provide everything from dynamic laughter energisers and laughter yoga workshops to team-building workshops and all day wellbeing programmes. We have experience in designing and facilitating workshops for organisations large and small, local, national and international - be it 5 people or 500! Bespoke workshops will suit groups of any age and all levels of mobility.


You will see, feel and hear the difference!


“It was great to see everyone getting into it. People still talk about it!” PriceWaterhouseCoopers

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What are the benefits of more laughter at work?


Whether your main focus is on wellbeing, team-building, a well-earnt celebration or an icebreaker for new staff, a Shinetime laughter workshop will help your staff to:


Reenergise, refocus and rebalance

Boost motivation, enthusiasm and morale

Increase confidence and ease communication

Relax, relieve stress and unwind

Bolster team spirit and group bonds

Improve positivity, optimism and resilience

Have fun!






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