What People Say

"Leela was lovely when she came on our show..she is infectious with her laughter."

Fern Britton, Live With... Channel 5


“Leela’s knowledge, approach and energy really transforms a group.”

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust


"Fun is often a missing factor in the lives of our patients and their carers... Not so yesterday - your laughter yoga session made everyone laugh like hyenas, it was so therapeutic."

Annie Baker, Counsellor, Heart of Kent Hospice


“It was great to see everyone getting into it. People still talk about it!”

Team-building Away Day, PriceWaterhouseCoopers


"We think you were a very good facilitator and a clear communicator, thanks Leela."

London College of Fashion


“Thanks so much for a fantastic laughter workshop. The team really enjoyed it!”

Team Day, Disney.


“I thought it was brilliant…We are often so busy at work that we don’t take much time out to just have fun, so I think this was a great way for the team to just let their hair down and have a good giggle… I thought Leela was absolutely lovely. She was very warm and friendly and it actually felt like she was one of the team. Her laugh was totally infectious. And I really enjoyed the relaxation part at the end.”

Feedback from team at Cereal Partners UK


"It was a fantastic evening. The audience ranged in age from mid twenties to mid seventies and I don't think there was a dry eye in the house due to such hilarity. The energy in the room was incredible. Leela's passion and enthusiasm for her work are contagious and she is an excellent facilitator. I defy anyone to have a Laughter session with Leela and not be left with a slight ache in the tummy from laughing so much! I have often been asked since that night when is the laughter lady coming back? And all I can say is, soon I hope Leela, VERY SOON!"

Liz Josey, Glastonbury Positive Living Group, Somerset


“Fantastic session, I would definitely recommend this to anyone. I wish the overall event could have been longer as it was so enjoyable!”

Tower Hamlets PCT


"Thank you so very much for our workshop yesterday. Everyone (even those that may have been a little skeptical at first) really enjoyed the session, getting the whole team in a 'better' and more relaxed place for the presentations that followed."

Think Public




As the Founder and Chief Laugher at Shinetime, Leela has been laughing, playing and monkeying around since 2005, and has become one of the UK's leading lights in the promotion of laughter for wellbeing. "I’ve enjoyed working with an enormous range of organisations large and small and am very proud of the reputation Shinetime has built. I believe passionately that you learn best when you’re having fun, that being a ‘grown-up’ doesn’t mean you have to stop playing, and that laughter truly is the best medicine!"

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